Digital Illustration

Although I think of myself as a “designer” rather than an “artist,” the last couple of years I’ve really been having some fun rocking out the digital illustrations. Like…

Squishy Blueberry
what an ideal client! Amanda sketches things out and then lets me unscribble them into digital art. I cannot tell you how fast time flies when I am working on these drawings. What a blast! You really MUST get the “Reflections of a Blueberry” book and “When You Are Blue” book.

Lou the Ant
Oh, the adventures Lou goes on as he helps teach people how to swim! Learn to Swim Today.

Kat and Squirrel –
Then there is my sister (the Kat in Kat and Squirrel) she’s always, like… “add in a race car,” or an owl, or a zebra… and I am always, like, “dude, what the?! Do you have any idea how long that is going to take?” I say that in my mind, not to Kat. Then I start digitally drawing and really enjoy it so I can’t stay annoyed with her, because I’ve just had so much fun creating whatever hairbrained thing she has dreamt up. But just make sure you go and buy lots of these lessons, so my husband doesn’t have to ask me about “billable hour vs. Kat and Squirrel time.” Luckily for me, my billable hours work is just as enjoyable – AND I GET TO DO BOTH! How lucky am I? Seriously, how does life get better than this?

And, of course…

Unpuzzling Spirituality –
Inspired by the artwork of Shel Silverstein – get an intro to spirituality (made simple)

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Kat and Squirrel - Making Learning Fun!